SHManager is a structural health monitoring system tailored to the specific needs of the offshore wind industry. This system combines data acquisition, structure management and structure assessment to provide asset management decision making support – online and in realtime.


The detailed assessment of a structure’s integrity provided by SHManager makes it possible to

  • determine the as-built load capacity and compare this to the design parameters,
  • quantify the structure fatigue status and the remaining fatigue life,
  • generate a condition-based inspection plan, and
  • justify the extension of service life.

The SHManager Web GUI is the heart of this monitoring system. Regardless of the brand of measurement hardware used to capture the structural data, the SHManager Web GUI both processes and presents the monitoring data in a web layout which can be customized to meet project and project stakeholder needs. In addition, the SHManager Web GUI provides comprehensive technical system documentation including an event log book and a ticket system for alarms and anomalies.


Further features of the SHManager Web GUI include:

  • Web access
  • Automatic adaption to different screen sizes (responsive design)
  • Different access levels and dashboards for different user groups, such as managers, operations teams, structural engineers, etc.