With years of experience and proven technology, we offer professional consulting and customized solutions for many of the technical requirements and challenges of wind energy industry both onshore and offshore, such as wind measurement mast systems, structural analysis, monitoring foundation, MetOcean measurements and sonar transponders. In addition, we assist you in the design and implementation of your measurement campaigns, including installation, assembly and documentation.

In the last few decades…

we have seen the wind energy industry developing at a fast rate and the output of wind energy turbines has increased enormously. There is hardly another industry in the world which has experienced such fast growth as the wind energy industry. The trend in wind energy is moving towards greater hub heights of 120m to 160m in order to take advantage of the wind potential at these heights. Reliable and precise measurement procedures are not only an important factor in the planning process; they are the basis for successful wind energy projects. Wind measurements are the prerequisite for choosing the right location of the turbines, the right type of turbine and the economic operation of the park. That’s why we have developed measurement masts equipped to the highest technical level – up to160 m and higher. Our masts are built to withstand high snow burdens and the highest wind levels.

Innovative Mast Structures for Efficient Wind Measurements

We produce our measurement masts in cooperation with innovative structural engineers and qualified steel construction companies. When designing our masts, we placed particular emphasis on creating economical measurements structures, which means that we can achieve measurements a great heights with lower material input and thus reduce the costs of a measurement campaign. Even the costs for the mast foundation are minimized as we can generally use steel foundation plates and guy wire anchors.

Our mast concept includes the installation of the mast using an electrical-hydraulic climbing crane, which climbs the mast with each installed mast segment. Therefore, to install our masts we don’t need a great deal of space or costly road construction for truck-mounted cranes. Given this, our measurement system is particularly suited for installation in remote areas.

In addition to these advantages, our masts are climbable, which not only makes installation, maintenance and the exchange of sensors much easier, it also saves you time and money.

Our lattice towers are very slender and we use sensor booms which meet the IEC guidelines. airwerk measurement systems – the key to a reliable and precise wind measurement campaign.

We offer:

  • Production
  • Mast rental and sales
  • Installation and de-installation
  • Maintenance
  • Relocation

Precision at Greater Heights

Whether your wind park achieves the forecasted yields depends primarily on the quality of the wind measurement: from the production of the measurement mast, the selection and installation of sensors for wind speed, direction and wind dynamics, reliable data collection even over longer periods of time, to the certified expert analysis of the wind data for park planners, investors and banks. We can offer you the complete spectrum of measurements as well as individual services. Regardless of what your measurement needs may be, all of our services are provided in accordance to recognized international standards.

Our range of services:

  • Installation and commissioning of the wind measurement mast including all sensors
  • Dimensioning and production of sensor booms in accordance to measurement standards
  • Procurement and calibration of measurement sensors which meet MEASNET and DKD standards
  • Documentation in accordance to international standards
  • Implementation of measuremen campaigns
  • Expert wind reports
  • Independent analysis of the data including reports for partners and banks

airwerk specializes in the application of strain gauges for investigating and analyzing material deformation and stress. Strain gauges can be applied to all common construction materials such as metals, GRP, CRP, concrete ceramic materials and thermoset plastics.

Whether at heights (e.g. rotor blade deformation in a wind turbine), under the influence of heat and oil (e.g. gear tooth of a turbine) or under water (e.g. offshore foundation of a wind turbine), airwerk can successfully plan and execute your measurement campaign.   

Our services include static and dynamic measurements – everything from the planning stage to sensor selection, installation, data collection and the final analysis of the measurement data using FFT analysis, tracking analysis, modal analysis or Markow matrices.  This data can also be processed according to the classification or rainflow analysis. All installation steps, measurement campaign information, data calculations and analysis of the measurement values are documented in an extensive report.

Range of Services:

  • Strain gauge applications
  • Data analysis, documentation, damage analysis, expert opinions
  • Planning of test sequences
  • Development and manufacture of customized sensors based on strain gauge technology
  • Consulting

The construction, installation and operation of offshore wind turbines, which are planned for a 25-year operation lifetime, pose a particular challenge for the offshore industry. Due to the fact that the offshore wind industry is relatively young, there are still many unanswered questions regarding a reliable and economical foundation design for offshore wind turbines. The material stress due to wind and waves has not yet been thoroughly investigated and, therefore, it is necessary to observe the behavior of these structures in order to guarantee their stability.    

The goal of a foundation monitoring system is to improve the safety and efficiency of the structure. This is possible through continuous observation and analysis of the state of the structure via condition monitoring. airwerk offers monitoring concepts and solutions which enable you to fulfill the BSH requirements for monitoring 10% of all offshore wind turbines. In addition, our concepts and monitoring solutions help reduce the costs of the geotechnical construction through application of the observation method in accordance to DIN 1054 /EC 7.

  • Cost reduction of the geotechnical construction
  • BSH requirements fulfilled: 10% of all offshore wind turbines must be equipped with foundation monitoring
  • Application of the observation method in accordance with DIN 1054 / EC7

Foundation monitoring according to DIN 1054 includes:

  • Concept and implementation of foundation monitoring
  • Construction behavior: define limits and prognosis
  • Implementation of a measurement program:   sensors | installation |  maintenance | data retrieval |  data analysis | documentation
  • Definition of measures to ensure permanent structure stability
  • Early intervention in the case of compromised structure stability
  • Documentation of the implemented measurement program

Integrated offshore technology concepts by airwerk

airwerk has years of experience in the planning, equipping, delivery and commissioning of offshore measurement technology. Our concepts include the integration of all electro-technical components in one system. This ensures the smooth interaction of safety, measurement and data technologies – with the sensors as well as with the components for power supply and data transmission. Another advantage: the uniform presentation of all components within the SCADA system.

Our services include:

  • Wind measurement technology in accordance with IEC61400-12
  • Underwater measurement technology (current, wave, tide, scour, etc.)
  • Strain gauge, acceleration and inclination measurements on building structures
  • Offshore safety technology  for naval and aviation safety
  • Low-maintenance power supply (Solar+Wind+Diesel)
  • Remote retrieval of measurement data
  • Condition monitoring of the entire installation
  • Planning and equipping of the measurement
  • Consulting and concepts
  • Equipping of offshore measurement containers

The airwerk Sonar Transponder System WISO ST01: Light Tower for Submarines

The airwerk Sonar Transponder System WISO ST01 enables the acoustic identification of artificial underwater obstacles such as wind turbines and thus reduces the risk of collision with submarines. This acoustic warning serves as an emergency navigation aid. The control unit of the sonar transponder is installed in the tower of the wind turbine or in a separate housing on the platform. The sonar transponder transducers are mounted on the foundation at half the depth of the water. The WISO ST01 Sonar Transponder System is activated by an acoustic signal sent, for example, from a submarine and received by the WISO ST01 transducer. In reaction to the signal received, the WISO ST01 Sonar Transponder immediately sends a defined acoustic warning signal via the transducer. This signal enables the submarine to locate the obstacle and thus avoid a collision.

  • Grafik_Sonartransponder_AnbringungPrecisely definable dispersion angle in accordance with the BSH requirements
  • Tested by the Bundeswehr Technical Center for Ships and Naval Weapons, Marine Technology and Research
  • Integration in the OWP SCADA System
  • Disabled during diving work
  • Mounting concepts for every foundation type

With our team of experienced construction and assembly workers we are able to provide full service installations and assembly.

Our services include, among others, construction site preparation, installation of wind measurement masts, installation of sensors and cable routing, and professional wiring for low voltage and communications systems.

Our team of assembly workers and technicians are certified as follows:

  • SCC
  • Basic Safety Training according to the Global Wind Organization (GWO) guidelines
  • HUET
  • PSAgA
  • Electrical Safety
  • Basics of DMS installation and DMS measurement technology
  • Professional installation and maintenance of Skylotec permanent fall protection systems