Engineering Services

We offer you engineering services based on our extensive know-how and experience with a wide range of different measurement technologies for diverse projects.

Structural Design and Construction

In the area of structural analysis we plan and implement challenging structures such as our wind measurement masts. In addition, we also create our own FE models for the model-based data evaluation of existing structures. These models are then adapted to take the actual structural behavior into consideration as well.


Electrical Planning

Our team of electricians and electrical engineers provide comprehensive and integrated solutions including detailed electrical plans, which are based on the valid norms and codes to fulfill electrical safety criteria.


Data-based analysis compares the realtime responses of sensors both to other wind turbines in the same offshore wind park and to defined threshold values. Automatic data evaluation routines provide data analysis results to support operations decision-making. This enables park operators to compare the behavior of individual WTGs, to document the current state of the structure or to optimize maintenance intervals.

It is also possible to carry out a more detailed analysis of the data if, for example, a threshold is exeeded. The data collected is processed periodically or upon demand – such as in the case of a threshold alarm – in order to further examine those critical parameters which are sensitive to damage or structural deterioration. This is often done by examining the first Eigen frequencies.

If an anomaly occurs, model-based data analysis is applied.  In contrast to data-based analysis, this analysis is based on the comparison of a calibrated Finite Element Model (FEM) of the structure with data from a measurement campaign and defined parameters. This makes it possible to localize anomalies in the structure. The FEM should be continuously updated to include changes in the parameters due to damage or deterioration over time, maintenance and any other changes which might affect the behavior of the structure.

airwerk’s approach to data analysis – be it data-based, model-based or a combination of both – is to identify potential risks during the different phases of the structure’s life cycle. Successful early identification of potential risks relating to the state or health of the structure can not only lead to a significant reduction in operating costs but also, in the end, serve to extend the service life of the structure.

Strain gauges are used for experimental stress analysis of machines and structures. airwerk has many years of experience in the selection and application of strain gauges both for temporary measurements and for permanent installation in extreme environments, such as on offshore piles.

Our engineers test the design assumptions of your structure, verify the FE models and determine the fatigue load of your construction. A wide variety of clients active in different areas such as the wind industry, bridge construction and repair, and the manufacture of vehicles and cranes, benefit from the know – how of our team.

The selection and installation of measurement equipment is just one step in a monitoring project. Our monitoring project services include:

  • Consulting
  • Concepts
  • Scientific data analysis
  • Evaluation of your structure by experienced engineers
  • Conclusive reports with recommendations for action
  • Integration in asset management systems
  • Integration in risk-based inspection systems (periodic inspections)

Industrial projects such as offshore wind turbines and their foundation structures are remotely monitored by a so-called SCADA system (System Control And Data Acquisition). The SCADA system collects the condition data, status messages and production data of the system and transmits it to a central control room.

airwerk offers various solutions for the connection of its structural health monitoring system to the superordinate SCADA system or our client’s existing control center software. In order to implement the SCADA integration, airwerk uses various telecontrol protocols such as IEC 60870-5-104 and OPC – UA, among others.

Often in the development phase of infrastructure or mechanical engineering projects unexpected questions arise regarding the actual course of stresses or deformations. In such cases, we plan and carry out measurements of mechanical and electrical quantities under static and dynamic stress. In doing so, we not only install complete measuring systems, but also work together with your technicians to find the best possible solution to meet your needs.

Typical applications include:

  • Prototype testing
  • Transportation and installation monitoring
  • Test of the effectiveness of improvement measures
  • Cause analysis in the case of structure or machine damages