airwerk was founded in 2003 in Essen (Ruhr) by the managing directors Georg Stichternath and Holger Haardt. From the very beginning, renewable energies, in particular wind energy, has been the focus of our business.


The name airwerk stems from the English word “air” and the German word for a manufacturing plant “werk” and was constructed to portray structures which make use of wind. According to the founders, “This was also our original business idea – to market steel lattice towers for wind energy turbines”.
In 2004, just one year after the company was founded, the first 111.5m “airwerk” steel lattice tower was installed for a 1.5MW wind turbine in Emsland, Germany. Five years later airwerk was contracted for the construction of a 50 MW wind park, again with turbines mounted on steel lattice towers. In 2010 airwerk began supplying wind measurement masts and, as a result, airwerk’s focus began to shift increasingly to products and services for measurement technology and structural monitoring primarily for the wind industry. Our project development activities are now in the hands of our affiliate company, the “airwerk.development”.

Today we offer our clients comprehensive consulting and products having to do with measurement technology. In addition to the classical services such as structural engineering, structural analysis, electrotechnical planning, system solutions, software development, transmission and network technology, batch manufacturing of electronic components or electrical cabinets, we consult our customers in the design and goals of measurement campaigns or the integration of measurement results in (asset) management processes.